Yesterday we reluctantly said goodbye to Chip and Bonny McKenney as they prepared to continue on their traveling adventure around the globe (next stop Panama!)  Bonny worked in publishing for many years and was a volunteer at the San Pedro Public Library.  Since there was no time to update the library's website, she asked if I could post the latest "wish list" for the library on my blog.  I've also posted this list on the forum and Facebook.  

If you are planning a visit to San Pedro from the US or elsewhere and have extra room in your suitcase, or if you are shipping a container to the island and have space to add a few books to your shipment, the library would greatly appreciate donations of the following types of books:
  • Young adult books and series
  • Young adult books in Spanish
  • Adult level books in Spanish
The current library wish list including many additional items needed and volunteer opportunities is located on the library's web site.  

Bye-bye, Chip and Bonny.  You will be missed in San Pedro!  We hope you'll be back again one day....

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