First off, I have to give Barry credit for the title of this blog post or he'll never forgive me.  :-)

A tropical wave came through today, so we awoke to rain, rain, and more rain.  Today was a running day for us, and we ended up deciding to go in the rain after all since it was a nice warm rain, and we didn't want to miss out on a beach run when it wasn't blazing hot and sunny.  The rain got heavier during our run, and by the time we got back, we were SOAKED to the skin.  No photos of this, though they would have been pretty entertaining.

After we peeled off our dripping running clothes, we put on our swimsuits and swam in the rain for awhile, which was very pleasant, actually!  Again, no photos.  You'll have to take our word for it.

The rest of the day was devoted to projects, as it continued to rain on and off all day.  We got two out of three of our window shades installed (bedroom and living area), as well as as some holdbacks for the bedroom curtains.  We discovered that we needed these as when we are able to turn off the A/C and open up, the curtains get sucked into the screens, blocking the airflow.  

We got stymied on the kitchen window shade as we needed wood spacers on top, and the piece of finished wood Barry found that we could use for this purpose was wet, so we need to wait for it to fully dry out.  Here are a few photos of Barry installing the shade in our bedroom:
Tada! All done -- this will keep the bedroom very dark at night as some outdoor lighting shined through the curtains before.

After the window shade project, we reorganized our master closet, and Barry reversed the door on our dryer so it would swing in a more convenient direction.  

At some point early in the afternoon, our internet went out.  We called the front desk, and finally, around 4:15 pm, it was restored.  Whew!  Would have hated missing out on having that in the evening.  Sounds like they need to take it down again tomorrow to do some more work, so hopefully that will be tomorrow while we're in town -- if it's not pouring!

Here's a photo of another wave of the storm taken right before dinner.  Needless to say, we didn't get to eat on the veranda tonight as it was soon raining again.
For dinner we had bean, corn, and cheese tostadas with salsa; Barry's homemade gazpacho, and salad.  Delicious!
9/13/2011 06:52:54 am

Good pic of the tropical wave.


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