We started this morning as we usually do on Sunday, with a bird walk.  We saw many of the usual suspects, but we did manage to add a new hummingbird to our life lists -- a female Green-Breasted Mango.  The distinctive stripe down her throat, breast, and belly made her easy to identify with the help of our Birds of Belize book.
We also caught sight of this Snowy Egret and a Greater Yellowlegs hunting for breakfast in a swampy area near the roadside.
After birding, we strolled down to Ak'Bol for breakfast.  Unfortunately, it seemed like just about every tourist staying north of the bridge had the same idea, so we had a long wait for our food, and our breakfast turned into brunch.
While we were waiting, Barry took a quick walk down to the Osprey nest down the beach a ways and caught the (large!) nestling feeding, while Mom and Dad stood guard. 
The nestling is in the center but appeared nearly full-grown
When the food did come, it was delicious.  I had a spinach omelet, one of the specials of the day; and Barry had a huge breakfast burrito. 
Breakfast burrito, fresh salsa, and OJ
He ate it all, plus my beans!
Earlier this week, we had to say goodbye to Paula, who was leaving San Pedro to move back to the US.  Although we hadn't known her for very long, I'd been Facebook friends with her before we met in person, so I felt like I had known her for longer.  We ate lunch at Blue Water Grill on Monday to say goodbye.  Paula, you are already missed, but I wish you all the best for your new life in Tennessee.
Paula and me
I can highly recommend the Shrimp Po'Boy sandwich we both ordered.  It was delicious!  And speaking of delicious, Barry and I made this veggie pizza mid-week.  Toppings were onions, zucchini, red and green bell pepper, snippets of fresh basil and oregano from our tiny container garden, tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese.  Barry made the crust with seven-grain cereal from GoNature.  
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