In addition to the Boca del Rio bridge being closed to vehicular traffic (but not bikes or pedestrians) for another day for construction, we ran into this traffic stop just south of the airport while riding around doing our daily grocery shopping,  They don't seem to make bikes stop, fortunately, so we just went around.
This guy had another good idea:  just avoid the roads completely!  He was riding in a unique stand-up canoe, powered by a pole (the water is very shallow) and a small sail.
11/23/2011 11:20:40 am

love this. Ok - so the traffic stress is golf cart grid lock?

BeBelize Emily
11/24/2011 01:39:34 am

Yep, Sabrina, you got it! Plus there are more and more regular vehicles on the island...taxis (mini-vans), pickups, construction trucks. Ugh! The roads here were definitely not constructed for the amount of vehicular traffic they get now. Used to just be bikes, peds, and golf carts. Wish it were still that way, but you know how "progress" is....


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