While I was suffering from my cold, Barry ventured out solo on New Year's Day for some biking and birding up in Grand Belizean Estates.  He was lucky enough to beat the big rainstorms that began later in the day, but with it being a holiday, he ran into several locals with their dogs hunting for javelina.  We've biked in GBE many times, but this was a first.  

He stopped to talk to a couple of the hunters to verify that he was safe biking in the area while they were hunting, and one of them proudly showed him their kill.  I was glad I wasn't there since I am such an animal lover, but I do understand that they were doing it to feed their families.  I'm not posting the photo of the javelina in-line since it might be offensive to some readers, but if you'd like to see it, you can click this link to view it in Photobucket.

In addition to that unexpected encounter, Barry saw a nice assortment of birds, including a few new ones for his life list.  The photos below are species he didn't already have pictures of in his files.  I am looking forward to joining him on the next trip up to GBE as it is an excellent place to view a variety of birds and wildlife (we've seen a fox, and he even saw a croc there) and normally very few two-legged mammals.  We're planning on a lot more Belize birding in the new year.
Blue-winged Teals
Greater Yellowlegs
Tri-Colored Heron
Wood Stork
1/5/2012 11:39:03 pm

Eeek! Is that animal dead, it appears to be looking into the camera? They are firing guns up by you? I don't like this one bit.

BeBelize Emily
1/6/2012 01:34:45 am

Yes, unfortunately, the javelina had met its maker at the point the photo is taken. Not to worry, Grand Belizean Estates is not near us at all; it's a huge new development that has not yet been developed, just has a lot of road in that is great for biking on. There is one enterprising local who has built a tiny home there on his lot with scrap materials, from the looks of it, but I trust the hunters were not near him. This is the first and only time we've ever seen hunters up there, and we have ridden there many times.

Larry Merrill
1/6/2012 12:04:57 am

Ah yes. Javelina Guisada. I remember it well from a parrilla in Spain.


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