Here are the remaining temples and other structures we visited, photographed, and climbed up on our visit to the Palenque archaeological site in Chiapas, Mexico in December of 2012.  (Here's Part 1 if you missed it.)

Temple of the Count.

Group 1 and 2

It was so incredibly peaceful in this wooded part of the site, with few other tourists around....

Group B.

North Group.

Murcielagos Group.

Temple of the Inscriptions.

This was one of the very few structures that we were not allowed to climb up.  Just as well, my quads were absolutely SCREAMING by about 3/4 through this day, and would be sore for days after.  And I thought riding my bike everywhere would be enough "training".  Nope!  Barry was smart and trained by doing multiple stair climbs in our condo building prior to the trip and thus did not suffer like I did.
They did let us climb up this section to the right of the main temple
There was actually a lot more to see at the site than ruins, so stay tuned for one more Palenque site post (hint: howler monkeys!)

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