In yesterday's post we'd just arrived at our bed and breakfast for the next three nights, La Casa Lorenzo.  It's a beautiful colonial home in Merida's Centro district, in the St. Ana neighborhood.  I have been fascinated by the colonial architecture of Merida since seeing a couple of episodes of House Hunters International.  While plain at the street-side, the wonders that often lurk behind the doors can be breathtaking, so I was excited to be staying in one of these beautiful homes.

Larry, the host and owner, recently bought and remodeled the home into a bed and breakfast, adding lovely guest rooms furnished in antiques and with colorful Mexican tiles.  Our room was charming and comfortable, and we happened to be the only guests staying for the three nights we were there, so it was really quiet and private -- perfect.
I loved the carved wood bed, armoire, and shabby chic quilt!
Cute and convenient sink nook
Huge shower with great Mexican tiles
Cool door and nice cane rocking chair
There's an outdoor bar/kitchen area for guests' use with a fridge, microwave, and sink.  Larry made and served us a welcome margarita that was very welcome indeed!  He also provided maps and lots of good information on places to see, things to do, and good restaurants to try during our visit to Merida.  Very helpful!
Larry showing me the ropes
Outdoor bar & kitchen for guests' use
The enclosed courtyard is perfectly private and has plants, a couple of fruit trees, a seating area, and a great little pool.  I did go in once, but it was pretty chilly this time of year.
Our room, room 5, was the closest to the bar and courtyard area.  Depending on the number of guests there at the time, this might be a noisier room, but since we had the place to ourselves, it was just fine.
Beautiful bougainvillea arch
Bella, Larry's cat
Heading back into Larry's part of the home, here's his personal dining room.  I love the pasta floor tiles in here -- wish I'd thought to have Barry take a close-up.
Here's Larry's well-equipped kitchen...
and the parlour with amazingly high ceilings, lovely pasta tiles, and a computer for use by guests.
Looking towards doors to street and Larry's study
View from front door looking back to courtyard -- such a beautiful home!
The simple exterior belies what lies behind the doors...
See, I told you I made it into the pool, not much deeper than this, though!
Yep, that's me. Cold!
Heading out to eat one night -- we bought these Panama hats in Merida.
Being a little silly...
Stay tuned for much more on the beautiful and fascinating city of Merida as we venture outside of Casa Lorenzo!
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