Yesterday during Paisley's late afternoon playtime, she found a small coconut that she quickly became obsessed with.  Barry got the idea to throw it into the ocean water to see if she'd retrieve it.  Um, yes.  Again and again and again.  The tide was out, so the water was even shallower than usual in this area, with a few deeper holes.  It was quite entertaining to watch her walk, then swim when she hit a hole, then walk again, in dogged (pardon the pun) pursuit of her latest obsession.  Once she had to dive fairly deep under water to get the coconut as it had floated into a deeper water area.  After several aborted attempts, she finally got it.  I couldn't believe it!  She even attracted an audience of the security guard and two guys working on the second floor of our building.

Here are a few photos of her retrieval efforts as well as a YouTube video showing the extent to which she'd go for that little coconut (and for the treat from Barry that came after!)  Needless to say, one little Boston Terrier was a very tired girl last night!
A natural swimmer!
paula segrest
11/15/2011 04:39:31 am

GO PAISLEY!!!!!! Sooooooo cute, Emily and Barry. JessieFaye was impressed. ;)

11/16/2011 05:01:17 pm

Hi Emily, Barry, & Paisley!!

We have thought about you all so often during this trip. There have been numerous road bicyclists all over the country during our trip. Also, Thai's love their Boston Terriers!!! They have images of their dogs on t-shirts, in paintings, etc. We saw a one month old puppy last night that was saved from the flood--they named her Dim-Sum!! ADORABLE. Had to share and let you know how much we miss you and are thinking of you!! Love, Eileen & Dan

BeBelize Emily
11/16/2011 11:23:18 pm

Hi Eileen & Dan! I had no idea the Thai people loved Boston Terriers. That is very cool! I guess you two will just have to get one too. :) Thank you for your comments and we hope you had a wonderful trip! Post photos please!


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