I happened to notice a pile of new mystery fruits today at Maria's fruit & vegetable stand, so I asked her about them.  "Apple", she said.  "Belizean apple."  She said they were sweet with just a little sour taste, and that the skin was edible.  What did I have to lose?  She picked out a nice one for us, and we added it to our pile of baby bananas and limes.  

The "apple" must have been reasonably priced as we got it, along with four small limes, and a nice-sized bunch of bananas, for just $8 BZD ($4 US).  And of course Maria threw in a few other veggies for good measure, since we're frequent customers.

When I got home, I started my usual googling to determine exactly what this lovely burgundy pear-shaped fruit actually was.  Turns out, it is a Rose Apple, named because it tastes like rosewater.  Cool!  Rose Apples are very low in calories but high in Vitamins A and C, calcium, and niacin.  What's not to love?  At this point, I gave it a sniff, and it does have the aroma of old-fashioned roses -- you know, roses that actually have a fragrance.  My mother loves all things rose and frequently sprinkles rose water over fruit for a simple Greek dessert, so I wish she could try this interesting new fruit along with us.
Next to a small lime to show the size
But the proof would be in the tasting.  The flesh inside is fine and very white.  It has a large seed and some "fuzz" around it that I scooped out with a spoon, then I sliced the fruit.  The skin is edible and soft, so there's no need to peel it.
Interior of Rose Apple
The taste and texture resembled a pear doused in rosewater, with slightly finer flesh, not grainy the way a pear can sometimes be.  It's nice, but like some of the other new tropical fruits we've tried since moving here, I am not sure I'd go out of my way to eat it plain.  I think it would be nice in a fruit salad with brighter colored fruits or chopped up in yogurt. It would also be a good addition to a fruit smoothie.

But it can't beat my favorite "new" fruit since moving here.  That honor still goes to the pitaya (dragonfruit).  Love the seeds, texture, and flavor of that one, but it's out of season at the moment.  I blogged about it in this long post (scroll down to July 5 for info and photos).  But I'm always up for trying yet another tropical treat!

And on a different subject entirely...

Have our adventures given you the itch to come visit Belize yourself?  We usually keep this blog completely non-commercial, but are making a small exception this time since this involves a friend and neighbor of ours....

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2/13/2012 11:47:15 pm

Playing catch up today! I've never seen that...almost looks like a giant cashew fruit. Very interesting...

3/9/2012 08:35:08 pm

Thats one of my have fruits, I used to eat loads of them when I was in Brazil. I miss it

Luis Lamdel
5/1/2015 03:02:27 pm

This is a common fruit in my community, we call Pera Caribbean. Added to its properties, which is diuretic and easily digestible.
I do not speak English, I'm Dominican

Luis Lámdel
5/1/2015 03:07:49 pm

I do not speak English, I'm Dominican, in my village know as pear caribbean, along with a variety very similar, but smaller and different seeds, called cajuilito and jicaco


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