I've mentioned Maria's fruit stand several times here, since we are frequent customers.  Today we finally got a couple of photos of the lovely lady herself.  She always gives us a freebie or two when we stop in for fruits and veggies, and today our treat was freshly cut slices of delicious watermelon.  She saw about to take photos of each other eating it and ran out to be in the pictures with us.  She is truly a delightful little lady, and we're so happy to support her family's business here in San Pedro.  ¡Te amamos, Maria!
12/12/2011 03:10:44 am


12/12/2011 07:18:12 am

Did that same bike ride but BEFORE the road was graded - NOT GOOD! Ended up falling off my bike landing in the mud! I think I invented a few new words that day! Love reading your blog!

BeBelize Emily
12/12/2011 08:39:33 am

Hi Maureen! Great to hear from you... I think you meant to comment on the bike ride south post, but that's fine. I remember your telling us this story. We had also ridden down south before grading, and it was indeed hairy. Thankfully, it was FAR better this time. You are going to have a blast riding down there when you get back to Ambergris Caye!


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