Yesterday we attended a surprise party here at Grand Caribe for Leisa's birthday.  When we arrived, Melody, who works at the front desk, and Laurie (aka Tacogirl) were busy decorating the gorgeous condo over the Grand Caribe office, where Leisa's parents were staying.  There was a beautiful cake, snack food, and plenty of balloons.  
Here we are waiting for the guest of honor to arrive.  Tacogirl snapped this photo with my camera so is not in it, unfortunately....
Once Leisa and her parents got back from being out on a boat for the day, they all went over to Cowboy Doug and Leisa's condo, and everyone was trying to figure out how to get Leisa up to the party room so that we could yell "Surprise!"  Melody came up with the idea of calling Leisa and telling her that there was a water leak in the unit where her parents were staying and that Leisa was needed to help out.  Melody was very convincing, even when Leisa started asking questions about where housekeeping and maintenance were.  Leisa was sure she was no expert on water leaks and wondered why they needed her, but she wasn't suspicious at all.

Apparently she had been kind of in the dumps that it had been raining so much since her parents arrival on the island, after so much gorgeous, sunny weather prior to that; and this so-called water leak was the final straw.  She sent her parents up to their unit, but Leisa just went out on her veranda to chill before coming up herself.  She really did not want any more problems.  We were all waiting with cake and cameras, ready to yell "SURPRISE", but we had to put everything down and wait since her folks came up, but not Leisa!

Finally Leisa's mother, Sylvia, called her on the phone and asked her to come up to the unit for a glass of wine.  Sylvia told Leisa that the leak had been taken care of, so not to worry.  Finally, after several other guests arrived (causing several more camera/cake false alarms!), we got word from the front desk that Leisa was on her way up to the unit.  We all took our places and shushed each other so she wouldn't hear us giggling.

It seemed to take forever, but Leisa finally got to the door and knocked, and her step-dad Bob yelled "come on in!"  One quick look inside and she knew that she'd been fooled!  She shut the door again so quickly no one had time to snap a photo.  Finally she opened it again, and we were at last able to yell "SURPRISE!" and take photos.  

Leisa did NOT expect a party.  She was carrying insect repellent, two bottles of wine, and still wearing her t-shirt from the boat ride (with bathing suit underneath).  She swore she was going to kill Doug for doing this.  I love the shot I got of her right at the moment she opened the door.  Classic!
It was a lot of fun meeting Leisa's parents and chatting with everyone.  Leisa (on the left) still looks a bit shell-shocked in this photo, no?
Festive party
Leisa (left) and her mother Sylvia (with the knife) prepare to cut the cake
The chocolate cake was absolutely delicious, right Barry?
Although he was trying to keep it a secret, Leisa outed him:  Barry happens to share the same birthday as Leisa!  And not only that, their mother's are both named Sylvia!  Strange coincidence or cosmic be the judge!  
12/3/2012 11:09:05 am

Happy Bday Barry!!!

Fair Winds

12/4/2012 09:31:47 am

Was nice seeing you both at the party Emily, great party pics of I1A, always liked that condo. Happy Birthday Barry hope you had a great day.


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