Lots of leaves blew down overnight
Following the deluge of rain I blogged about earlier and then several beautiful, bright days, stormy weather returned with a vengeance yesterday and early this morning.  There was actually more wind than rain overnight.  I woke up in the wee hours and heard all kinds of banging around outside that I now realize was wind knocking stuff around.  The San Pedro Weather station clocked a 36 mph gust overnight.

Thanks to a break in the rain, we were able to get out for a beach walk to survey the aftermath.  Sammy (also known as Cannelo or "the Grand Caribe dog") came along with us.  Paisley was taking her morning nap indoors so didn't venture out. 
Smiling Sammy
Fortunately, it wasn't too bad -- mostly a lot more palm fronds down than the day before.  We moved a few of them out of the way as they were right in the beach trail where we (and many others) ride bikes and walk.
The Kama Lounge took a bit of a hit as their tent was pretty badly damaged.
Our pool guy is going to be busy cleaning the pool today too -- lots of leaves blew in.
Looks like more rain is on the way....
Pretty conch shell submerged in the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea
Here's hoping El Sol puts in an appearance before too long so we can be enjoying this view again very soon.
5/29/2012 03:46:19 am

Emily and Barry...met you in line at immigration.
Congratulations on your anniversary. You look so very happy!
We celebrate our 15th coming up in couple of weeks.

BeBelize Emily
5/29/2012 04:42:10 am

Congratulations, Carmen! Seems like a lot of folks are celebrating anniversaries right around now. I guess you saw our blog post about that day at Immigration? Hope things are going well for you and your husband with your new self-employment permits!


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