The streak of days with rain in October is unbroken!  Yesterday was just a light shower, and it had already stopped by 6 am, but the pool deck was wet, so it counts.  This morning I heard rain as I was lying in bed early this morning thinking about getting up.  I also heard one loud clap of thunder overnight, worried that Paisley might get scared, then promptly fell back to sleep.  It had stopped by the time we headed out for our Friday morning run.  It's nice having most of the rain come early, leaving the rest of the day for fun and frolicking!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog entry as we took the ferry over to Belize City today for some shopping.  We'll have a report and photos up sometime tomorrow.  Happy weekend!
10/7/2011 11:35:51 pm

Just discovered your blog via the San Pedro Scoop. Nice site! I will added link to your site from mine to help spread the word.


BeBelize Emily
10/8/2011 02:48:54 am

Thanks aj! We're really just doing this for family and friends to keep up with our lives here, and it's completely non-commercial, but we appreciate the compliment!


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