In addition to all the bottles the renters next door gifted us with, they left us with a lot of assorted foodstuffs that they had left over as they headed back to the US.  We aren't proud; as expensive as most food is here, we were happy to get it.  They really must like cheese, as they had a ton of it to give us.  Yum!  So, we've been busy with cheese cookery.  

Last night I made four-cheese mac-n-cheese with brie, smoked cheddar, a mystery hard cheese they left us, and  some white cheddar we had in the fridge.
And tonight we collaborated on a veggie pizza with chevre, plenty of it, onions, and peppers, and Barry's homemade crust.  Mmmmm...I just love chevre.  What a treat!  Accompanied with Cabernet Sauvignon Barry bought me for Christmas, I was in heaven.  I think Barry liked it too, but he was too busy chewing to say much!
1/7/2012 12:04:45 pm

looks good I have two questions-can you get yeast for baking and is charcoal available?

BeBelize Emily
1/8/2012 03:15:04 am

Yes on yeast, no idea on charcoal. You might try the Ambergris forum for that question.

1/8/2012 05:05:44 am


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