Today we rode into town for a fundraiser lunch for Uziel Meza, a baby needing medical care after being born prematurely to an employee at Belize Bank.  We had bought the tickets earlier in the week while we were doing our banking and had been looking forward to some authentic Belizean rice and beans and stew chicken.  So after my morning yoga at Ak'Bol, we pulled out the bikes.  Fortunately, the wind had died down some from the morning's peak, when it was gusting to 39 mph(!), so we enjoyed our ride into town.  This is the peak tourist season in San Pedro, so town was really hopping today!
What a sweet little boy -- we hope he will be able to get the medical care he needs
I guess these qualify as "small vehicles"!
Local entertainment provided a festive touch
I'm trying to figure out where the line was still early.
The ladies were busy putting together takeout boxes of rice and beans and stew chicken
We didn't realize there would also be delicious cakes available as well.  Of course we had to purchase a couple of slices of the chocolate cake with caramel icing, but they all looked great.  Slices were just $3 BZD ($1.50 US) each, and for such a good cause.   
We were really not hungry when we got the food and there weren't any tables or chairs there, so we wrapped it up and brought it back home.  After a dip in the pool to cool off, we were ready to eat lunch.  It was delicious!  I had enough of my rice and beans left over for Barry to eat with his dinner, and even so, I've been full ever since.  
I'll say that's plenty rice & beans!
It's wonderful the way so many people are able to get a helping hand by utilitizing community fundraisers here in Belize.  It's kind of like small-town America was a few decades ago.  Thanks to the wonderful ladies who made and donated the delicious food to help baby Uziel Meza!
3/6/2012 02:08:22 pm

Wow, that was such a great activity, congratulations for its success.. :)


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