So, it's rained five out of five mornings in October, and we're wondering how long this streak will go.  Nearly every afternoon and evening is nice, but come morning, it's gray and raining.  This morning's rain ended early, allowing us to hit the beach for a nice little run, but then returned with a vengeance after we got home, as sheets of rain pounded on our windows, obliterated our view of the reef, and made us feel very thankful we hadn't set out on our bike ride to town at our usual time (around 9 am).  Here are a few shots Barry took of the rain, and the aftermath.
View from our veranda
A new swimming pool at Grand Caribe after the rain!
I deviously try to lure Paisley into said "pool" - can you say hangdog?
She isn't falling for it...
Finally, after lunch and some cooking chores, we hit the road to town.  We knew that the road around Reef Village that we have to ride to go over the bridge at the cut and into San Pedro Town was going to be a disaster, as it's been getting worse daily with the rain.  Several of the puddles span the entire roadway, so you have no choice other than to ride through them, which can be a bit daunting as you can't see the bottom to figure out the best line with the shallowest water.  The only good thing about these puddles, I guess, is that they give everyone who has to ride north of the bridge something to discuss and a common bond; the road is on everyone's minds!
On the way back from our marketing, we had a chance to witness quite a spectacle of workers on many, many levels of scaffolding, working at the top of this condo building.  They were passing full buckets of concrete up, level by level, and also passing the empties back down, almost in a synchronized "dance".  It was actually kind of beautiful to behold so many people working in such harmony towards a common goal.  
Here are a couple of photos of Barry braving the puddles with the groceries in his rear rack.  And yes, I went through these too.  Thank goodness for Chaco sandals that can be rinsed off after a ride!
Dinner tonight was a tropical pizza with jerk chicken, pineapple, papaya, red onion, red bell pepper, jack cheese, cilantro, and Barry's delicious homemade crust.   Thoughts of rain, bad roads, and muddy bikes were left far behind while noshing on this! 
Pretty colors and tasted great too!
Will it rain again tomorrow morning, making October a solid six for six?  Supposedly the rainy weather pattern is going to ease a bit in the coming days, but I will believe it when I see it.  Stay tuned!

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