Last night we had rain, thunder, and lightning AGAIN; and the rain continued coming down in sheets through lunchtime, bringing over 4" to the San Pedro area.  This is a result of a low-pressure system that has camped out over the Gulf of Honduras and may be with us for another couple of days.  Here are a couple of shots during the peak of the morning rain.
Note the sand flowing into the ocean from the heavy rain. The water will be shallower than ever!
This afternoon once the rain had stopped, Barry decided to head into town as he wanted to buy some produce, and I'm sure the cabin fever was getting pretty intense.  Truth be told, I would have joined him if my back were healed up.  It's getting there, but I want to give it a full week of rest and recovery before getting on the bike again, so I worked on my on-line Spanish lesson while he rode in on his bike.  Here are what the the roads just north of town looked like, and yes, he rode through those puddles!  If I'd been with him, I would have detoured onto the sidewalk!
Some of these are at least a foot deep!
No sidewalk to detour onto here!
If he didn't have fenders on his bike, I don't think he would have gone for it as he would have been filthy.  

With the produce he bought, along with our whole wheat tortillas from yesterday, we were able to whip up a huge batch of bean, veggie, and cheese burritos to freeze and eat for the next couple of days.  I guess it was worth the mess to have plenty of good food to sustain us in case this front hangs around for many more days.

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