As many times as we've ridden by this surprising sight on our bikes, we've never stopped to take a photo until today. 
It used to have a sheet metal structure partially enclosing it, but awhile ago, that structure disappeared.  Here's a closer look.
This is the only public toilet north of the bridge that we are aware of -- maybe on the whole island!  Belize is not big on public restrooms.

Quick update.

We rode north to Grand Belizean Estates this morning, and this time the cart path was not booby-trapped.  Aside from a couple of scabs on my skinned knee, I'm all healed up from last week's incident.  Thanks to all who expressed concern and outrage -- your words were much appreciated.
2/24/2013 09:04:39 pm

The new Walmart?

2/25/2013 07:01:36 am

Too funny! I'm just getting caught up on your blog. That's horrible about the fall off the bike. Hope you're healed! We loved eating at Aji when we stayed up at Cocotal last year!

BeBelize Emily
2/25/2013 07:22:48 am

Yep, pretty much all healed up, thanks! I really enjoy your blog, by the way. Your photos are wonderful.

2/26/2013 09:51:44 am

How funny...only in Belize. Glad you are healing from that terrible accident. Take care


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