During Paisley's play time on the beach a couple of days ago, Barry started throwing a small coconut for her to retrieve.  She loves to chase these and tear them up.  But before she got going on that, she sniffed something under our dock and made a bee-line underneath to retrieve it.  We laughed out loud when we saw the treasure she hauled out.  A full-sized coconut, almost as big as she is!  She never fails to make us laugh with her silly antics.
Paisley's new treasure
She actually managed to carry it over the sea wall, where Barry rolled it for her a few times, and she ran after and chomped on it.  I guess there was enough coconut meat in it to provide some delicious flavor as she tore it apart.  She just loves to deconstruct coconuts, I know not why.  It's a dog thing.
Soon the retrieval game moved to the water, where Barry would toss the coconut from the dock, and she'd rush in after it.  We were amazed that she was able to retrieve it once it filled with water.  It was pretty heavy, but she was able to "swim it in".
Tough little pup
Mine...all mine!
10/21/2012 01:28:06 am

Another OCD dog - obsessive coconut disorder :)

BeBelize Emily
10/21/2012 01:36:46 am

Haha! I love that, Laurie. Gotta remember that one!


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