Today we had a delicious lunch at Aji (, just a hop, skip, and a jump (if that far) from our Chico Caribe condo.  It was their grand-opening day for the high season, and we've been anticipating this day for quite some time, as dining options on our part of the island are limited.  We had 12:00 reservations, but the sky was looking very threatening as it grew close to time to leave.  We had already been soaked to the skin in a passing heavy rain band during a bike ride earlier this morning (Barry actually got soaked twice as he started before me), so we were hoping that was all for the day for bad weather.  However, as we started the short walk up to the open-air restaurant, the sky was spitting rain once again, and by the time we got there, we had to make a run for the palapa over the bar to avoid getting drenched!  

We were fortunate to nab primo seats at the bar, as all the current diners had to hustle over from their tables to the palapa as well.  We ended up sitting at the bar for our meal instead of at a table, as everything outside was wet for quite some time even after the rain stopped.

Victoria, who runs Aji with her husband Hugo, the chef, kept things running smoothly, setting up a huge table in the palapa for the guests currently eating, and getting them settled.  She was simultaneously training new staff, taking orders, and making drinks.  I can't imagine how difficult running a restaurant must be, especially on opening day, but she carried it all off with nary a sign of stress. Very impressive! 

They offered a lovely three-course menu for just $25 BZD ($12.50 US) for opening day.  They also had drink specials all day.  I had been missing my daily glass of wine it is so expensive here on the island I haven't been able to justify buying a bottle when local beer and rum are so much more budget friendly, so I thoroughly enjoyed a couple of glasses of Chilean Sauvignon Blanc for just $10 BZD ($5 US) per glass.  Barry had a couple of local rum and pineapple juices for just $3 BZD ($1.50 US).  Can't beat those deals!  

For our meal, we got to choose an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert off the special opening day menu.  We both chose the seafood fritters for our appetizer, which were piping hot and absolutely delicious, with a spicy aioli dipping sauce.  For entrees, Barry had vegetable pasta, and I had the grouper with steamed veggies and rice.  Everything was delicious.  We got one of each dessert, Caye Lime pie and Chocolate Flan cake, both scrumptious as well.  

We enjoyed chatting with other folks at the bar as well as Dov and Laura Magy, who were just finishing up their desserts wen we arrived.  Unfortunately, we forgot to take our camera, a serious oversight, so we have no food photos to share, but Barry ran back and nabbed a few photos of the restaurant later.  I am sure we'll be visiting frequently in the coming months, since it is so close and so good!
Aji Bar
11/20/2011 08:40:58 am

Great to see you guys again! It was a fantastic time!

12/19/2013 04:01:34 am

Love your blog! I happened upon it when researching for an upcoming trip to Belize. Love that you guys are active retirees and you're runners too! 23 and change is a pretty nice time for a 5K. I will have to read more later. For now I'm mentally marking that I left off with Oct. 2011. Thanks for your insights! Read the Guatamalla sail and that was great!

BeBelize Emily
12/19/2013 07:32:35 am

JP ~ Thanks so much for your nice comments and glad you're enjoying the blog! Although we are no longer in Belize, we hope our posts are still helpful and inspiring to those who want to visit the fascinating and beautiful country. Our memories will always be with us.


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