Regular readers of this blog will remember that I broke two spokes earlier in the week and had to get them replaced.  However, I knew I really needed to bite the bullet and replace all the spokes in my front wheel with stainless steel ones, as many were looking pretty rusted.  The spokes on the rear wheel were not nearly so bad, so that one could wait.  So today we purchased a full complement of thirty-six thick stainless steel spokes at Castillo's and took them to El Guapo for Henry to rebuild the entire front wheel for me.  He did a great job, but it was quite a long wait.  Barry went ahead and took all our groceries back home in his bike baskets, then doubled back around to meet me and watch Henry finish the job.  Henry insisted on giving Barry a lesson on spoke lacing; it's more involved than I realized!  Truing the wheel took much longer than lacing the spokes, but finally the job was done, and my front wheel should hold up for a long time now.

It had gotten quite late by this time, well past our usual lunchtime, so I suggested that we stop at the Funky Monkey Bar & Grill for lunch on the way back. This proved to be a good choice as it was a perfect day to sit outside and enjoy the breezes.  In sharp contrast to yesterday's gray off-and-on rain, today's bright blue skies were a real pick-me-up, and the temperature in the 70s couldn't have been nicer.  There was a decent crowd at the restaurant, including Hugo and Victoria of Aji, along with their little dog Lulu.  The owner, Dale, was there, of course, and we met friendly bartender Javier.  We split a yummy pizza with ham and green peppers that really hit the spot, and enjoyed a couple of drinks (Belikin Sorrel Stout for me, the holiday brew).  It was fun to do something unplanned, like stopping for lunch at a place we'd been meaning to try.

These pictures suffered a bit from a smudge on my camera apologies.
The Funky Monkey. Check out that blue sky!
Barry's drink perfectly matches his hat!
Nice view from the bar out to the sea
Nice rack!
Hugo and Victoria with Lulu about to ride shotgun
12/10/2011 01:05:53 am

Boy, I've spent a lot of time eating, drinking and partying at that bar, only it was called The Cantina when my friend Tammy owned it. I see Bob still has his "Friar Tucks" tagged on. It is a nice location.

Glad you got your bike fixed!

Sharon Hiebing

BeBelize Emily
12/10/2011 01:49:05 am

Hi Sharon, we've only known it since it's become the Funky Monkey. Not sure who Bob is...did you mean Dale? Also not sure about the Friar Tucks moniker. Feel free to educate me! It is definitely a great location.


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