Above is part of our haul from today and yesterday's bike rides into town.  We stocked up more than usual since Hurricane Rina has closed down the Belize City port, and it may be a few days before more food barges make it out to the island.  I was delighted to find sweet potatoes (the purple things in the photo).  I've read that they're white inside here, so they probably aren't bursting with beta-carotene like the ones back home in North Carolina, but I still look forward to trying them.  We also got bell peppers, romaine lettuce, zucchinis, and carrots, which are in the fridge and not shown in the photo.  We're going to be eating well for awhile!

Here are a couple of other tasty items we've whipped up recently:
My fish fillets with almonds and papaya sauce and spinach/bulgur bake
Barry's dark chocolate bark with walnuts and dried cranberries, made with Belizean Goss Chocolate. Yum!
10/25/2011 05:54:49 am

I've seen US type sweet potatoes (yams) at the Greenhouse sometimes. They tend to be huge, but delicious.

BeBelize Emily
10/25/2011 06:01:24 am

Thanks for the tip, Ruthie! I'd love to get some for Thanksgiving. Love 'em!


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