We have had a very interesting afternoon!  A guy apparently broke into and robbed a nearby vacant house and was carrying his loot in a bedsheet right in front of our condo when one of our security guards confronted him.  We were watching out the windows and saw him drop the loot in the sand only feet from our condo and run into the woods right next to our condo.  Our guard called for backup, and two guards took off after him.  Later additional local men joined the pursuit.  The guards told us later that he pulled a knife on one of them and that he dove into a crocodile pond and swam across and came out on the other side (yikes!)  He then came out to the beach path again and started running north with the guards in hot pursuit.  

He hasn't been caught yet, but there is a group of people up the beach a ways looking for him, so he should be in a contained area and hopefully will have to come out at some point.  One interesting thing is that he apparently changed shirts at some point during the pursuit as when he was sighted later, he was wearing a different shirt, according to the guards.  Even if he is not caught this time, the guards know him.  Someone else was here taking photos, and they are going to dust for fingerprints.  The police were called, but we're not sure if the guy taking photos was off-duty as we never saw anyone in a police uniform.

Barry took a photo when the loot was finally uncovered.  Looks like he was trying to make off with a stereo, speakers, a DVD player, and, you read this right, a bottle of olive oil, partially used.  

Seeing how the guards reacted to this situation, we feel even safer here than we did before.  They did an excellent job in preventing the thief from making off with someone else's property, and should be commended for their quick action.
The loot
The investigation begins
The loot uncovered. Bottle of olive oil on top of DVD player!
UPDATE:  The police finally showed up, took the guards' statement, some photos, and hauled off the loot.  Our assumption is that the perp is still at large...
Paisley watching the investigation from inside our condo
The police investigation right outside our veranda
Preparing to haul off the loot
11/15/2011 08:40:43 pm

Yeah, not only are the guards at Gran Caribe great, but there's always several of them on duty at any given time. As you know, I used to live across the street from there, and their guards made us feel safer in our house.

They also used to do nice little favors for us, like return our dog when she'd run away, ha-ha! I'm sure they'll catch the guy-too small of an island and everyone knows everyone.

Good reporting, Detective Emily :)

Sharon Hiebing
Relocate Without Rose-Colored Glasses!

Walt H
11/15/2011 09:44:43 pm

Hi Emily!,

Here's a website you may want to bookmark ;)



BeBelize Emily
11/16/2011 10:37:28 am

Thanks guys! Sharon, the guards here also help us retrieve Paisley when she "escapes". She is well known around here!

Walt, I will have to check out that site. It doesn't sound like they caught the guy yesterday, but the police know exactly who he is and where he lives, so hopefully it is only a matter of time.

11/16/2011 10:41:21 pm

are you guys going to be at BBQ fundraiser at the Police substation near Palapa Bar this Sunday?

BeBelize Emily
11/16/2011 11:24:42 pm

Had not heard about that, Surendra. Do you have a link to some information about it? We already have some plans for part of the day Sunday but might be able to mosey down depending on when it is. Thanks!

David Christmas
11/17/2011 03:36:08 am

Interesting post... unrelated comment here but have you guys seen this: http://www.kiplinger.com/slideshow/places-to-retire-abroad/9.html#top

BeBelize Emily
11/17/2011 04:22:00 am

Thanks David, I believe I had seen that -- or they lifted it from AARP, which did a similar story. We don't live in Corozal Town, but I know there are a fair number of expats there. Appreciate the link!

12/30/2011 01:43:21 pm

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1/27/2012 05:18:58 pm

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