This past week we had the opportunity to meet Terese and Rick from Vancouver, Washington, who are visiting Belize on vacation.  I've been corresponding with Terese for awhile after she found this blog and wrote to me.  They are planning to retire before too long and are starting to investigate possible retirement places.  On this trip they are visiting San Pedro and Placencia.

We met them at Ambergris Brewing Company on "leap day", February 29th.  I'd noted that Ambergris Brewing had posted on Facebook in the morning that if you said "leap year" when you came in, you got specials on rum drinks or beer all day long.  So, our rum drinks were only $4 BZD ($2 US) apiece, a great deal.  We were the only folks there on this late afternoon, but that was fine with us.  We had an easy, fun conversation, answered Rick and Terese's questions, and made a few recommendations.  
Emily, Terese, and Rick
Terese brought me a gift of a lovely bottle of Washington State wine, because I'd told her in emails how pricey wine is here and how much I missed it.  It was a perfect gift!
The perfect gift!
This stuff is delish -- I tried it last night with pasta, and it went down really easily
As we were sitting and chatting, who should we see walking his Siberian Huskies but our friend Bill.  This proved the point I'd been making to Terese and Rick that San Pedro really is a small island, and you see people you know everywhere.  One of the main reasons for that is because the weather is so nice, people aren't holed up inside their homes but are out and about -- walking, biking, shopping, dining.  
Bill and his beautiful pooches out for a walk
In fact, our new friend Captain Simon who took us on the wonderful Guatemalan sailing cruise recently also stopped to say hello to us as he drove home in his golf cart.  Too bad we forgot to snap a photo!

We were having so much fun talking we hardly noticed that it was getting dark and an ominous cloud was approaching from the northeast.  We quickly said our goodbyes, and Barry and I put our beach bikes into overdrive as we peddled the two miles north to our condo at breakneck place (or as close as you can get to it on beach bikes on an unpaved road).  We almost made it before the rain hit, but did get a little wet right at the end of the ride.  And this just after I'd told Terese that they probably wouldn't see any rain for their entire visit!  Turns out, it didn't last long and was mostly north anyway; they just got some "spitting" where they were in town.  

We saw Terese again walking to the post office as we did our errands by bike on Friday morning, thus proving, you really do see people you know everywhere.  She said that she was already starting to notice the same with a few folks they'd met since arriving in San Pedro.  It's just that kind of a place --  a perfect place to make new friends! 

3/3/2012 12:14:38 am

I love that photo of you and your wine. Precious!

BeBelize Emily
3/3/2012 09:23:33 am

It's a real luxury here in Belize, so I was thrilled to get it. Especially one of my favorites, Sauvignon Blanc.


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