We rode our bikes into town today after morning rain had passed.  To procure this haul took visits to two fruit stands, the beer distributor, bakery, and three grocery stores!  In the US, you would easily be able to buy all this in one large grocery store.  
As we were leaving town, we noticed that the skies to the north and east were darkening again, and we had to make tracks to get back to our place before the rains came.  We made it just in the nick of time, and not five minutes after we got all the food and bicycles inside, it was pouring out.  Lucky us!
9/13/2011 12:29:50 pm

How is the UHT milk? I think that is what it is called. I have had it in other countries but can't find it in US markets. It would be nice to have on s/v Honey Ryder.

BeBelize Emily
9/13/2011 01:09:31 pm

It's fine. There is a store that sells fresh milk, but it's more expensive. I do miss almond milk on my cereal (not available here, and if it were, it would be $$$$) as I really haven't been using "real milk" for years except in cooking on occasion.

David Christmas
9/14/2011 12:59:21 am

Hi Emily. Enjoy the milk but it's the Lighthouse beer in that great big can that caught my eye - nice packaging. Scanning your blog is a great break from all the deadlines I have to chase at IBM!! Hey Barry, my MSBL team is 2-18, we could have used you this season while you were in Chapel Hill! Sorry I missed you that day at Carborro HS.

BeBelize Emily
9/14/2011 05:47:03 am

Hi David! Great to see you on here. Yes, the "party can" is a really neat thing and saves quite a bit over single bottles, so we decided to try it. I am here to report that it works very well indeed. :) I feel for you at IBM. I don't miss those kinds of deadlines one bit!

Mary Mooney
9/18/2011 09:56:44 pm

Hi Guys, I am from NC and lived there in 08 with my children. I go back to visit SP every few months will be there in a week or so. Just wondering how you are liking the island. It is good to see other North Carolinian's finding their way to SP.


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