So, she's not really a cousin, but her maiden name and Barry's last name are the same.  She also lives in Ohio, where he is from and still has family, so I joke that she is a cousin of his.  I'd been chatting with Debbie about Ambergris Caye on Facebook for awhile but had never met her in person.  She and her husband Tom are building a condo on north Ambergris and visit here frequently, this time for San Pedro Lobsterfest.  So she invited us to meet them for lunch yesterday at Aji.  Also joining us were our good friend Debra, who lives in San Pedro, and her visiting friend Alyssa from Mississippi, along with Debbie's sons Justin and Billy and a few family friends.  It was quite a crowd!

We were lucky to get sunshine for our lunch, though there wasn't much breeze, and it was seriously hot and humid out, around 89 degrees with humidity also in the 80s.  Whew.  Cold beverages were much appreciated (I drank two large glasses of ice water in addition to a Belikin), and let's just say that no one ordered soup today.  Well, except for Barry, but it was chilled gazpacho!
We had Aji to ourselves on this hot day
Debbie and Tom (on left) enjoying Tapas
Barry had the discount Tapa of the day, Quesito Frito (fried cheese), with a couple of dipping sauces but we both forgot to take a photo before he chowed down on it.  Here's his gazpacho, which came after.
And I had the grilled snapper pita -- delish!
Afterwards, Debbie's son Justin took this photo of some of us on the Aji dock before we melted.  Not sure why I didn't actually put my sunglasses ON as I was squinting like crazy!
I think we on the front row coordinated our colors pretty nicely, don't you? Warm colors for a HOT day...
Thanks for arranging the lunch, Debbie.  It was great to meet all of you.  Say hello to Ohio for us and pull those Indians on!

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