Souvenirs from our trip to Guatemala
Barry and I been overwhelmed by all the positive comments we've received on our blog postings on our recent sailing cruise to Guatemala.  We've heard from readers in blog comments, on Facebook, on the Ambergriscaye.com forum (where the moderator posted each daily update), and in person.  We're delighted and honored that we were able to share this incredible journey with each of you and appreciate knowing that you enjoyed our words and photos.

Since Weebly makes it difficult to find older posts at times, and scrolling through posts with many photos takes awhile, I wanted to include a list of direct links to each day's postings on the trip for those who may have missed it or want to bookmark this page for later reading.  I hope this is helpful -- it will even help me find each page in the future!
3/2/2012 06:42:51 am

Great idea! I'm gonna just put this post on my blog now. I told you I was gonna pinch your posts. So well done.

Jane O
3/3/2012 05:42:21 am

I really enjoyed going along on your trip to Guatemala! What an adventure and a great opportunity for you all. I must admit the choppy water would have freaked me out. Loved the fort tour. How beautiful. Thanks for a great read!

BeBelize Emily
3/3/2012 09:27:38 am

Thanks Jane! I am so glad you enjoyed it. My mother said the same about the choppy water, but we felt very safe with Capt. Simon at the helm and on a big boat. It was no day to be out on a small boat like the 30-foot sailboat we used to own.

3/25/2012 07:41:08 am

Many thanks for information

4/6/2012 01:51:17 am

I just read all of your posts from Guatemala and what an opportunity that was ... something not to be passed up! Such great luck to be invited on that beautiful catamaran with friends. We can't wait to get there someday!

BeBelize Emily
4/6/2012 02:26:36 am

Glad you enjoyed the series, Cheryl. We loved our trip and felt so fortunate to have the unexpected opportunity. One great thing about being retired is being able to say "Yes!" when an invitation like this comes along even just a few days ahead. It was also nice that we didn't have the responsibility of captaining the boat and could just sit back and enjoy, for the most part!


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