What a fine day.  The storm that has been hanging out near Belize moved northward, and the rains stopped.  We saw the sun for the first time in days, which always lifts our spirits.  Additionally, my back had been feeling better every day, and Saturday I was able to do a lot more range of motion exercises, stretches, and light strengthening exercises, so I decided I'd try a bike ride today.  Good decision -- it didn't bother me a bit! 

We did our usual Sunday ride up the beach to Indigo, then cut over to Grand Belizean Estates, where the road is much higher and dryer than anything else on the island.  While there, in addition to many birds (herons, egrets, stilts, kingfishers, mockingbird, ibis and others), we saw this gray fox crossing the road.  
He gave us a curious look
Then turned and moved on
Back into the safety of the woods.
10/18/2011 08:59:47 am

Great sighting on the grey fox. I have never seen one on the island before. Almost looks cat-like!

BeBelize Emily
10/18/2011 10:42:43 am

Thanks aj! We were surprised to see it. Actually, Barry had seen it one other time in Grand Belizean Estates but didn't get a photo. I thought it looked like some form of cat as well until we got close enough to realize it was a gray fox.


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