Lucky us!  Last weekend we enjoyed two of our favorite San Pedro eateries on back to back nights.  We enjoyed the casual beachside setting of Caliente for their half-price margarita Friday taco night special and the more upscale, urban feel of Red Ginger for artful cuisine on Saturday evening.  I'll let the photos do most of the talking.
2-fer-1 -- gotta love it!
My fish tacos -- delish and so reasonable ($22 BZD)
Barry's chicken fajitas -- lots of fresh color
After our meal and three margaritas each (!!!), we were craving ice cream, so we walked over to Mannelly's for a treat.  Believe it or not, Barry had to have TWO separate servings.  Yep -- he ordered two scoops, and after finishing those, went back for two more!  I don't know how he does it!  We get ice cream so rarely in Belize (since it would melt if we tried to bring it home on our bicycles), it's a rare treat, and we really had an appetite for it this night!
I enjoyed a scoop of coconut and one of chunky monkey.

Red Ginger -- ooh la la!

We've only eaten at Red Ginger a couple of times because it's rather pricey, but it's absolutely scrumptious, and service is top-notch.  We were not disappointed this time either.  Once again, the service and food were perfect, and the atmosphere so tranquilo, it helps you forget any worries or stress you might be experiencing.  When you want the best San Pedro has to offer, this is the perfect place for that special meal -- birthday, anniversary, or just because!
Come sit a spell in this peaceful won't be disappointed!
Instead of bread, your meal comes with complimentary plantain chips and a spicy chipotle aoli that is rather addictive.
Barry started with a beautiful bowl of black bean soup
And blackened snapper with mango rice and veggies as his entree. Isn't it gorgeous!?
I ordered this succulent grilled snook with coconut rice and veggies. Divine!
Of course we couldn't resist their very special desserts.  We shared a molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and a tart key lime pie.  Both were irresistible, and just look how beautiful!
I may never cook again....  :)



07/18/2013 15:48

I just ran across your blog; anything with Belize attracts my attention. We have visited Ambergris Caye many times both in rented condo and chartering a catamaran from TMI. Another favorite is Placencia, and Roatan. We do, however, travel full-time in our motorhome and would highly recommend

11/23/2013 18:46

That food looks DELICIOUS! I think the fish tacos were a bit expensive though. In Hopkins you can get 3 fish tacos for $10 BZD

BeBelize Emily
11/23/2013 20:08

Thanks Ben -- and yes, San Pedro is expensive compared to the rest of Belize, so I was basing my comments on San Pedro prices. Being an island and catering to the tourists, it's not at all unusual for prices on some items to be double what they are on the mainland. But the fish tacos were fabulous!

04/29/2014 08:03

I really loved Belize, and most of all its people! Wonderful place:-)
Greetings from Italy,


07/10/2014 19:48

We have spent a lot of time in Chetumal, just over the river from Belice. We spent some time trying to figure out how we could (legally) slip into Belice for a week or two while the motorhome stayed in Chetumal. It did not seem possible so we never did it. It looks like a beautiful country!

07/10/2014 21:01

Hi Croft...I can't imagine why you couldn't do this, so long as you had a safe place to leave your motorhome in Chetumal. Just take a taxi (or walk, depending on distance) over to the water taxi terminal and take a ride to Belize. So long as you have your passport, there's nothing complicated about it! We lived in Belize and traveled to Mexico twice in that time (once to Chetumal only, for shopping; once to five different cities in Mexico, via ADO!) and had no problems getting in and out. You should do it!


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