We rarely go out on Valentine's Day any more since most nice restaurants do special (i.e., more expensive) menus, and we also prefer to avoid crowds.  So we decided to have our "Valentine's" dinner out two nights before the actual day of hearts and flowers.  It's just a day, right? 
We hadn't been to Aji in a long time, and it couldn't be more convenient since it's in very close walking distance of our condo, so off we went.  We had a lovely table in the garden with a view of the sea.  And once the sun went down, the twinkling white lights combined with the clear, starry night sky provided the perfect setting.  There was a good breeze so no bugs bothered us, an added bonus.

We started with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, and our cute waiter, Rudolph, brought us a plate of bruschetta to accompany the wine.  It tasted like parmesan cheese bread, homemade of course.  Yum.
I could have eaten a loaf of this delicious bread!
My first glass of wine since Mexico makes me smile!
We both ordered the special, Tropical Snapper.  Rudolph commented that he could tell we'd been married a long time since we ordered the same thing.  We laughed and told him how we did that so often in Mexico -- I'd order from the Spanish menu, and Barry got very good at saying "lo mismo" (the same)!   We really do enjoy most of the same foods and accuse each other of "copying" in restaurants quite often.
Pretty and healthful -- tasted great too!
After demolishing everything on our plates, I think Rudolph was surprised that we had room for dessert.  But of course we did -- after all, this was our Valentine's Day dinner.  We had two choices, chocolate rum cake and key lime pie.  I let Barry decide, and he picked the cake. 
The cake was great, of course, but as we were sharing it, I confessed that I really loved their key lime pie best.  When Rudolph came back, Barry said "Emily said she really wanted the key lime pie, so please bring us a slice of that!"  

Whatta guy!  I love my Valentine.
Worth every calorie!
And to top off the delicious meal, Rudolph presented us with shots of Kahlua with a Bailey's float -- on the house!  If we weren't already on a sugar high, this would do it.  But oh so deliciously!
The grand finale
It was a special and lovely night at Aji, as always!
paula segrest
2/17/2013 01:51:04 pm

Looks like a delicious dinner with dessert and yummy shooters!


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