Had to snap a few shots on our way home from town today of all the work being done from the Palapa Bar north to Grand Caribe all of a sudden.  It's a real beehive of activity.  There's road work, construction, and lot clearing.  
New fence going up
The road between the Palapa Bar and Grand Caribe is being widened quite a bit.  You can see the widening around the curve here.  (Sorry it's blurry, I was riding my bike while snapping photos.)
In the photo above, you can see where Barry is standing with his bike.  The road north turns to the right.  To the left, there is a road that used to be little more than a narrow path.  Now it's a lot more than that.  Here's the new view down that "path" to the left.  As for why this was widened, it remains to be seen.  Are they hoping to bring in large vehicles laden with construction supplies the back way? Possibly.
Looking south
Now, looking north up the road where it is being widened up to people's fences.
A bit farther north but looking southwards, the Maya House is having to move their fence back to allow the road widening.
A little farther north, more road widening being done on the left.
Just before arriving at Grand Caribe, a large lot has been cleared on the lagoon side of the road in the past week or so.  Perhaps whatever is being built here requires access by some really large trucks, and thus explains the widening of the road.  We've heard rumors of a convention center being built don't have any confirmation yet.  
Part of newly cleared land on lagoon side
If you've got the "scoop", feel free to enlighten us in the comment section below.  Thanks!
2/26/2013 05:23:18 am

So Em, is the turn-off to GBE right at Journeys End?

BeBelize Emily
2/26/2013 07:39:55 am

No, you have to continue a bit farther north past some undevelopmed land, a big cleared area for a new condo complex, and a few single-family homes until you see Indigo Condominiums up ahead. Then turn left before Indigo.

4/14/2014 03:32:21 am

hello, its so nice to read your blogs. it gives us an idea of how a day in belize is for a tourist.


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