Plantains growing right at Grand Caribe
Today was a gorgeous day with east winds again at last, and thus no mosquitoes, after a few days with far too many of the little devils.  Perfect!  We started the morning off with a nice beach walk with Paisley, followed by our traditional "pool down".  Next we rode our bikes into town to pick up some fresh organic produce at Zac's.  We had hoped to stay home today, but he got a new shipment from the mainland last night, so we had to get there to ensure we got some of the bounty.  While in town we made a quick stop in the bakery for a few items from their dollar table (and that's only 50c US, a huge deal!)  

After another pool down, this time in the main Grand Caribe pools as ours had just had the chemicals adjusted, we spent most of the rest of the day indoors, taking care of various business on the computer and cooking.  Since the breeze was so good, we were able to turn off the A/C, open the windows, and feel the breeze blowing through all day long.  Nice!

Barry did most of the cooking as he was finally able to make some of his favorites now that we have our full complement of kitchen items from our shipment.  He baked his energy bars, and also made refried beans with beans he'd cooked in the crockpot, fresh gazpacho, and fresh salsa!  I helped with some of the prep for his dishes; then made bean, corn (fresh off the cob), and cheese tostadas for dinner.  We topped off the meal with a thin slice of Key Lime Pie he'd made yesterday.  It was absolutely delicious.

Here are a few photos from around the Grand Caribe pool from today.  
It's low season, so no one else was at the pool but us. Kinda nice!
9/11/2011 06:12:24 am

NICE as usual. Didn't leave a reply the day you posted .... you are living the dream to the fullest!!!


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