We're starting to breathe a sigh of relief as it looks as though Hurricane Rina will go north of us here on Ambergris Caye and head towards Cancun.  Coastal Belize is under a Tropical Storm Warning, but our condo is built to handle winds in that range easily (reinforced concrete construction & hurricane doors), so we will be able to stay put.  

We rode our bikes to town this morning in a stiff breeze to stock up on groceries, and it seemed that everyone was out and about as the streets were jam-packed.  Nearly all businesses were open, and we even ordered another large batch of whole-wheat tortillas to be made tomorrow, so I guess Popular Tortilla Co. doesn't expect a hurricane.  

Schools were cancelled today, which surprised me, but there is a voluntary evacuation of both Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker, so I guess the authorities wanted to give folks a chance to get off the islands if they wished to.  Regular water taxi service has been suspended, and ferries to the mainland are free for folks wishing to evacuate, but no boats are coming back into San Pedro.

The water level is as high as we've ever seen it here, and small waves are making it over the reef and onto our beach, which rarely happens; usually the water along the shoreline is dead calm.  It is interesting to hear the waves wash to shore, since we normally can only barely hear the roar of the waves far out on the offshore reef.  Here are a few photos Barry took around lunchtime from outside our condo.  
Large waves over the reef today
Our beach is strewn with debris from the high tide earlier this morning.
Here is a small wave coming towards shore. Okay, it's not really surf-worthy yet!
It's actually a gorgeous day here, as you can see.  I'll continue reporting on the storm here as long as we have internet access.  Our building is on a generator, but our DSL line runs through two other buildings that are not on generators, so if they lose power, we lose internet.  Stay tuned!

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