Just a little before Halloween and we've suddenly had an onslaught of these flying insects.  Yesterday morning they were on our veranda ceiling by the hundreds, then they started dying, and we were able to sweep up piles of them outside this morning.  They look like mosquitoes but don't bite and mostly just seem to hang out in clusters together, rather than swarm around bothering anyone.  

Can anyone enlighten us as to their identity?
On the veranda ceiling
Lots of dead ones on the veranda floor this morning
Close up
10/21/2011 12:24:56 pm

I think you had an infestation of midges.

BeBelize Emily
10/21/2011 11:33:23 pm

We have a winner! Thanks Ken, it certainly looks like that is what we have, and it makes sense because we had 4" of rain in one day a week ago (plus several other rainy days). They certainly look like the midge picture in the link you sent: http://www.smcmad.org/data/brochures/mosquito_like_insects.pdf
Ah, I love it when a mystery is solved!


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