On our second and last full day in Tulum, we decided to rent cruiser bikes in town and ride to the beach.  At first we thought we might be disappointed as the rental place requires that you leave a photo ID with them, and all I had was my passport, which I would not leave anywhere.  I had not bothered to bring my North Carolina driver's license along on the trip as I had no plans to drive.  Fortunately, Barry had his, and although he was reluctant to leave it, he ended up doing so so that our day's plans wouldn't be dashed.  Yay Barry! 
Once suited up with our new steeds, we rode on the back roads over to the bike path that runs over to the beach.  It is flat and nicely paved so a nice easy ride.
Before we knew it, we were at the intersection with the beach road and hung a right to continue alongside the beach and the resorts along the coastline.  We passed the excellent restaurant where we'd eaten lunch the day before, Puro Corazon, and were soon rewarded with some stunning views.  Here is where we stopped to take photos.
And here's why we stopped.  Can you blame us?
Looking south
Looking north
As we rode south, glimpses of the beach became few and far between as fenced resorts lined the shore, along with lots and lots of tropical foliage.  It was very lush and green, and the foliage and trees provided occasional shade on a very sunny, warm day.
Time for a water break...
We finally made it down as far as we could go on the road.  At the very end is a Biosphere/park that looked quite interesting.  Maybe on our next visit we'll check it out, but today we decided to give it a pass as we hadn't brought binoculars for birding and were more into pedaling off some calories.
Barry ventured inside just a short ways to snap this photo looking towards the road we'd just biked down.
Here's Barry on his red bike.  He's always smiling on a bicycle!
Time to turn around and head back the way we came....
Back in Tulum, we had to ride through construction rubble on the access roads adjacent to the main highway through town.  Looks like they had just laid some new drainage and were having to replace the cobblestones.
We both declared that these bikes were less comfortable than our cruiser bikes back home on Ambergris Caye, which we've customized with different saddles and handlebars.  We would not be hanging onto these bikes until 7 pm, the deadline for returning them to the shop, as our bodies couldn't take too much more.  But we still had a blast, and Barry calculated that we rode about 16 miles -- not bad!

We went ahead and turned them back in upon our return to town.  Time for lunch!
Stay tuned for Tulum food Part 2 and more photos from the town itself....
12/31/2012 11:21:57 am

16 miles.....wow! Looks like great trails for riding.



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