One notable architectural feature of San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico is the many beautiful churches that grace the city.  Barry made it a personal goal to photograph each one of them within walking distance of our hotel.  Here are the results of his efforts.
This one was especially beautiful to me
The church above had a very pretty adjoining garden:
The next church required quite a climb of switchbacked steps to reach.  My quads were still sore from Palenque, so I only made it to the top once.  I think Barry made the climb at least three times!
As a "Carolina girl", I'm always partial to the colors on the church below!
Moving in for a closer look -- so pretty.
A pretty church against a stunningly cobalt sky
This one had so much intricate work on its face:
There are many more people dressed in traditional Mexican garb in San Cristobal than other cities we visited in Mexico.
Church playing peek-a-boo from among the markets and shops
The church below was all decorated for the celebration of the La Virgen de Guadalupe on December 12.  This is the only church we went inside.  When we were there, some sort of ceremony was about to begin, but Barry was able to get a few photos before it started.
This church also required a climb to reach, though not as steep as the one with all the switchbacks
Elaborately decorated sanctuary
This neon sign was a bit over the top for me!
A carnaval with rides and food booths lined the street leading up to the church but was never open when we walked by.  I think it's a night-time thing and only temporary as part of the December 12 celebrations.  I expect the flags serve double-duty as decorations for both La Virgen de Guadalupe celebrations and Christmas.
View from the top
Stay tuned for San Cristobal at night!
2/7/2013 12:38:33 am

Just beautiful!

2/7/2013 03:33:15 am

Excellent collection of images from San Cristobal de las Casas. The architecture is beautiful. Too bad 'we' don't build like this today.

Rick Sage
2/18/2013 10:13:44 pm

Best Blog Ever!!!!! I've been doing a lot of "homework" in living in Belize. Your blog is the best "relocation" tool out there. You cover everything and have fun as you do it. Thanks for writing. I'll be checking in often.

BTW. Tell me what you know about "The Cloisters". I've been offered (what I think is a good deal on a full furnished apt. Don't really know. I guess my only concern is getting to shopping, etc, in San Pedro.


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