Another interesting place we visited in the Merida, Mexico centro historico was the Palacio de Gobierno (Government Palace), right downtown.  This was on the recommendation of our bed and breakfast host, Larry, and it was spectacular.  It is absolutely free to enter and consists of sizable painted murals depicting the history of Merida.  
There was an open courtyard downstairs, and an incredibly elegant gallery upstairs.
From the second floor, the view of the Merida Cathedral out the windows was as amazing as the murals.
Merida Cathedral
A couple more murals...I found the description of this one more interesting than the battle scenes.
Leaving the museum, right outside is the stunning Merida Cathedral.  It was pretty much impossible to get it all in a frame since we don't have a wide-angle lens.  It was built in 1598 -- hard to imagine!
Here are a couple of other pretty churches from around the city.
Cool sign on the church above. Looks like it was built in 1734.
And finally, a smattering of the colonial houses and residential streets we loved so much as we walked around town.
Pretty as a plum!
Pretty in pink
This cutie is for sale -- wouldn't you love to see what is behind the doors?
Close up of cute light cover and plaque on "House of the Spring". Love!
And finally, here's the hotel we almost stayed in until I decided on La Casa Lorenzo at the last minute. It's called the Hotel Medio Munda, and we just happened upon it while walking.  Absolutely darling! 
Please stay tuned for Merida at night!
1/9/2013 12:32:10 am

Gorgeous city! Thanks for sharing!!!!


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