This morning we decided to point our bikes southward.  We usually ride north simply because it means avoiding all the bumpy cobblestone streets in town that make me wish I had never sold my full-suspension mountain bike in the US, but it gets boring always going the same way.  And going south proved to be an excellent choice.  

We were up early and got on the road around 7:30 am, if not a bit earlier (I always forget to look at my watch since I'm on island time!)  This may be the earliest we've ever ridden through town, and it was dead.  I mean, there is never this little traffic!  Most businesses open as usual on Sunday, but not until 8 am or later.  And September is the slowest month of the year for tourism, so some businesses are taking the month off to spruce up and to give employees some time off.  We loved it.

When is Middle Street ever this quiet?  (By the way, I had no idea Barry was snapping all these photos during our ride, although it did cross my mind to wonder why he was staying behind me the entire time!)
And this usually bustling intersection around the Tropic Air terminal -- dead, dead, dead!
Epic win!
Once you get south of town, it's always quiet, and today was no exception.  The unpaved road was in the best shape we've ever seen it as the low spots had been recently filled, just as they have north of the bridge for a couple of miles.  Hopefully they can stand up to the October rain.  It does rain buckets every October, right?  (I keep hoping last year was a rare exception.)
Unpaved road ahead
Field of egrets
Once we got as far south as we could go (finally stopped by puddles across the road that hadn't been filled), we turned around and headed back.  For the first time, we finally stopped in and explored the Marco Gonzalez Maya site, which I'll cover in the future, since it is deserving of a full post.  

After quite a long detour at the site (which we loved), we continued riding back north into a stiff northeastern breeze.  We had only a homemade oatmeal bar to sustain us to this point, and we were starved, so a breakfast in town was in our plans.  Much to our surprise, even the perennially popular Estel's was closed (remember, it's slow season), and as a result, the Cuban place on Front Street I'd wanted to try was packed.  So, we continued north, running on fumes, and stopped in at Ak'Bol, just down the beach from our condo.  It's always one of our favorites.
Ak'Bol yoga palapa over the sea (right)
Deciding on our reward
Barry got his usual breakfast burrito, and although the coconut pancakes (the BEST!) tempted me, I saved some dinero and got the less pricey veggie-egg stuffed fry jack.  I figure they're equally fattening, but this was definitely brunch as it was 11 am by this point, so at least I wouldn't be eating another meal before dinner time.
Barry's breakfast burrito with fresh salsa
My stuffed fry jack with fresh salsa
Whatta view!
By the time we finished eating and hopped back on our trusty steeds for the short ride up the beach to our condo, the wind had kicked up even more, and there was actually the slightest bit of a chill in it (I kid you not!)  It looked like it was about to pour.  Although we did get a few drops of rain just after arriving home, the vast majority of the storm stayed out to sea.  September has been quite dry and sunny so far, considering it is the rainy season.  Not that we're complaining, but it was lovely to have a slight cool-off, as it's been very hot since we got back from our trip to the US on August 30.
Threatening sky when we got home
Stay tuned for our Marco Gonzalez tour, coming soon!
9/9/2012 01:09:13 pm

Wow..I don't think I have ever seen SP town so deserted ! I think I would make it down more often if it was that way all the time. Hate the hustle chaos of town. Not why I bought here.
Been wanting to explore south of town more's a huge black hole in my Belize explorations.


BeBelize Emily
9/10/2012 12:08:40 am

Completely agree about the traffic in town, Rob. Even during this slowest month of the year, it gets busy in the morning, at least during the week. We rarely go to town on Saturday or Sunday mornings, so I can't speak to that. You definitely need to check out the area south of town. It's nice and quiet down there!


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