Last night we were invited to join our friend David and his buddy Bob visiting from Virginia for dinner in town.  David, who lives on the beach a bit north of us, is normally golf cart-free like us, but had rented a cart for the day to show Bob around Ambergris Caye, so he picked us up on their way back into town at the end of the day to turn in the cart.  We're so used to riding our bikes into town that taking a cart provided a completely different perspective.
Our limousine awaits
Gassing up -- unfortunately there wasn't a nice sunset over the lagoon
After returning the cart and picking up David's repaired laptop at computer shop, we walked through town and ended up on the outside deck of the Holiday Hotel for a dinner at Celi's.  I never realized you could eat anywhere other than inside the screened dining room, so this was great, as Barry and I always prefer to eat outdoors whenever the weather permits.  And tonight was a perfect night under the rising full moon, with just the right amount of southeast breeze.

We had a couple of drinks, a good meal, and good conversation.  Those guys have the funniest stories about their rugby days and had me laughing a lot.  Bob is a sailor so we talked some about boats and sailing as well.  I managed to resist the lure of dessert as I'm trying to lose the few pounds I've gained since moving to Ambergris Caye in August.   
This grilled conch and steamed veggies was delicious and pretty light for restaurant fare
After dinner we walked up towards the water taxi dock, stopping at Cholo's for a nightcap since we were between the hourly northbound departure times, as usual.  The 8:30 pm taxi north was packed, and I was surprised because there didn't seem to be many folks waiting to get on, but when it's time to board, passengers seem to come out of the woodwork.  We couldn't have fit another person on the boat, except in someone's lap!  

For the first time ever, we experienced engine problems on the water taxi as it pulled away from the dock.  The motor died, and the captain was unable to get it re-started at first.  The strong wind was blowing us back into other docked boats, and people on our ferry were having to fend off to avoid smashing into the other boats.  Fortunately, just as the bow was heading straight for another boat, the motor roared to life, and off we went.  Whew!

It was a beautiful night for a boat ride with the full moon high in the sky by now.  I always wish we didn't have to get off at what is usually their first stop heading north, Grand Caribe, because it's so much fun being on the boat, wind blowing through my hair.  It's delightful to be in such a warm place in January and continue wearing sandals even in the evening year-round!
There's still some Christmas spirit in San Pedro -- we'd missed this display last time we were in town.
1/10/2012 02:26:49 am

Great pictures of the Marin's house. Every holiday they decorate their house so so cute.

BeBelize Emily
1/10/2012 03:21:16 am

Aha, thanks for the sleuthing, Rebecca...looks like this cute house won "Mrs. Claus's choice" in the holiday decor contest put on by the San Pedro Sun.

1/11/2012 11:07:57 pm

Sounds like a wonderful evening. Insanely jealous. It is snowing here :(


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