We started this beautiful, breezy morning with a beach run.  My knee was all better from yesterday's little spill on my bike, thank goodness.  A tip for all cyclists, runners, and walkers:  If you have to fall, fall in sand.  

We followed the run with our usual "pool down" (What's a pool down?), and our usual bowl of cereal -- this time with fresh mango and papaya.  Barry thought it was so pretty, he took a photo.  I totally agree; the tropical colors are gorgeous.  I promise this photo is not retouched!  
After breakfast, we hopped on the bikes and headed into town for a few items.  While packing up our items from Super Buy South, our buddy Daniel, who works at The Phoenix, saw us and stopped by to show off his new ride, a very snazzy and super-clean Honda.  He was proudly sporting a couple of Belizean flags as well, since September 21 is Belizean Independence Day, and the entire month of September is filled with celebrations, with the town and businesses all decked out in red, white, and blue decor and Belizean flags flapping everywhere.
We took this photo in Central Park, where the schoolchildren were celebrating Independence Day today.  You can read more about today's activities here: http://www.ambergristoday.com/content/stories/2011/september/16/patriotic-childrens-rally.
Patriotic Children's Rally
Our final stop in town was at Castillo's Hardware, where we purchased a few small household items, parts for Barry's projects, and this laundry basket.  Barry had no problem carrying it back on his rear rack.  
Note carefully the dappled sunshine in the photo above.  How quickly things were to change.  When we headed north to ride back to our place just moments later, we saw a huge black cloud coming our way.  Barry attempted to take a photo, but the camera's memory card was full (my fault), so that did not happen.  But it looked a lot like this approaching storm from a couple of days ago.
A dark and angry sky
So far we've been very lucky and have managed to outrun these, but today was not one of our lucky days.  Despite our best efforts, it started raining just a short distance south of Chico Caribe, and we were absolutely SOAKED as we rolled past the entrance to Grand Caribe.  As we rode by, we received waves and "hellos" from many of the staff, who were standing under the overhang to avoid the rain.  I am sure they got a kick out of seeing a couple of dripping wet gringos who didn't have enough sense to take cover from the storm.  Too bad I don't have a photo to share!

When we got inside, I realized that I had neglected to zip up the top of my backpack after our final stop, so everything inside of it was wet.  I must have left my brain back in North Carolina as I have done quite a few stupid things like this since arriving in Belize.  Fortunately, with the strong breeze today, we were able to open up the condo, and everything hanging up dried quickly.  

In home improvement news, Barry was able to find the part he needed to complete the screen-door latch project at the hardware store today, so no real "MacGyverisms" were even required.  He finished up the project today, and it works great.  We can now have the front door open while letting the breezes blow through.
From the outside hall looking in
From inside looking out to the hall
Chip Gentry
9/16/2011 12:13:27 pm

Beautiful day (even with the alledged rain shower) and beautiful door!

Sabrina and Tom
9/16/2011 02:16:17 pm

Beautiful wooden door!


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