We had pretty much given up on getting nice whole wheat or any type of whole grain tortillas here in San Pedro.  Small corn tortillas in large stacks are really popular with the locals, and we'd also bought many larger white flour tortillas for wrapping around various combinations of beans, veggies, and cheese; but there were no whole-grain tortillas anywhere.  We could either make our own or do without.  So, we'd resigned ourselves to using white flour tortillas when making dishes that required larger tortillas than the small corn ones.

Yesterday Barry stopped into the local tortilla maker's place, Domingo's Popular Tortillas, and asked if they had any "wheat tortillas".  What he meant was "flour tortillas", as opposed to corn, but when the proprietor heard "wheat", she must have assumed "whole wheat", and she told him they no longer made them due to lack of demand.  When they do a "run" of tortillas of any kind, it ties up their machine so that no other varieties of tortillas can be made, so obviously they have to make what they can sell.  Barry was surprised that they were no longer going to make flour tortillas, so he asked how many he'd have to buy to make it worth her while to do a run.  They agreed on ten packs (40 tortillas), and he said he'd pick them up the next day at 10 am.  He still thought he was ordering white flour tortillas, and when he told me the story afterwards, I was as surprised as he was that there was not enough demand to make them. 

So, today he rode into town to pick up his tortillas, expecting a large stack of white flour tortillas.  Instead, much to his delight, were 40 lovely whole wheat tortillas!  They were still warm, and the proprietor gave him one to try to make sure it was to his liking.  Oh yes!  The price was only slightly higher than standard flour tortillas, which run $1.25 BZD per four-pack.  These were $1.50 BZD (75 cents US) per four-pack.  

When he got home and I started unpacking the groceries, I was taken aback to see the lovely, still-warm whole wheat tortillas come out of the bag.  What a score!  I guess maybe my bad back does have a silver lining, because if I had gone to the shop, I would have requested flour tortillas, and we would never have known about this option.  Yay Barry!
In other food news, the 6 lb. protein powder we'd ordered from GoNature came in today.  And even more exciting, we'd also placed an order for five pounds of bulk unsweetened baking chocolate from Goss Chocolate down in Placencia in southern Belize.  We'd been surprised that larger sizes of chocolate are so hard to come by in a country that makes wonderful chocolate, and the small bars sold in stores are very expensive.  After some online research and email communication with one of the owners, we located this nice company that would sell to us in bulk.  

This is Belize, so delivery is a little different than in the US.  Instead of UPS or Fedex, the chocolate was shipped via Tropic Air Cargo today and arrived in San Pedro this afternoon, so Barry took a second trip into town on his bike to pick up the package, along with the protein powder.  In Chapel Hill, he learned to make the most wonderful chocolate "bark" by adding dried fruit, nuts, and sweetener to the melted unsweetened chocolate and looks forward to doing that here as well.  Yum.
Note puddles outside the terminal from all the rain
Barry's bike loaded down with protein powder and shipping box for chocolate
5 lb. of dark baking chocolate
A very good day in food indeed!
10/13/2011 01:14:41 pm

Wow, I'm thrilled with the wheat tortilla news! Where exactly is this tortilla shop?
Thanks so much for posting this.

10/13/2011 11:31:14 pm

It is funny what we take for granted here in the states. Glad you ended up with the wheat tortillas & hope your back feels better soon!!!

BeBelize Emily
10/14/2011 12:02:46 am

So true, JoAnn. In a country like Belize, you become very thankful for the small things. Living here really makes me appreciate things so much more than in the US when everything is so readily available it's almost sensory overload at times.

Ruthie, Popular Tortilla is located just north of Super Buy in town on Back Street, on the other side of the street. Look for the sign and go back into the little alcove off the street. They're only open til 2 pm. We'll have to coordinate another wheat tortilla order while you're here!

10/14/2011 01:14:39 am

Goss chocolate is so tasty. Hope Cindy starts selling it again. Love Domingo's tortillas shop too they make the best tortillas.

BeBelize Emily
10/14/2011 01:53:52 am

Laurie, what shop does Cindy run? Taz at GoNature said that Goss Chocolate was available at a gift shop next door to Mannelly's ice cream, but we never checked in to see if it still was.

10/14/2011 07:43:26 pm

What great info! Count us in when we get there to share Tortilla and chocolate orders, Now you just need to find a source for fresh seafood!

10/16/2011 11:52:12 pm

Hmmm - So when do we come down for the "12 Days of Cholesterol"?

BeBelize Emily
10/17/2011 04:55:58 am

Sounds good, Surendra. Maybe we'll assign you fresh fish finding...I haven't had much luck. We never get to town early enough, I guess.

Walt, you'll have to confirm that one with Pamela - that was her thing! I stopped participating years ago in order to avoid the dreaded 5 lb. weight gain at the holidays. Actually, we got to where there were so few people in C15, they didn't even have it last year at all. Ch-ch-changes...


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