Just a few photos from another typical day here on Ambergris Caye -- and a gorgeous day it is!  We are back to the normal easterly trade winds after about a week of cooler, less humid breezes from the northwest.  
Barry lubed my bike chain since I've been having to do all the rides to town for groceries while he's had his pinched nerve.  I had just returned with my full backpack of goodies.
Nice place to work!
A large "jungle beetle" hanging out on the tropical plant behind our building.  Barry's thumb for size comparison:
View alongside our building looking east:
Paisley lounging on the pool deck while I cooled off after my sweaty bike ride to town.
The bright sun was hurting her eyes, poor baby!
View from our veranda:
Another nice day on the island. Temp is 81.5 in the shade, but about 87 in the sun!
11/12/2012 05:43:42 am

Paisley needs some kewl doggie shades.


BeBelize Emily
11/12/2012 10:15:32 am

You're so right! What a great photo that would be. :-)


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