We woke up this morning to the coolest temperature recorded on our digital thermometer since moving to Ambergris Caye -- 62F.  Yes, that's sixty-two.  COLD by island standards!  The humidity was desert-like for here (which I love), and the wind was blowing fairly hard out of the northwest.  Dressing quickly as I shivered, I got Paisley out for her morning ablutions, and felt just how brisk it was out there.  This would be a much cooler than usual Sunday morning bike ride!

Once we'd had a snack (and a quick cup of coffee for me), we saddled up and headed north on the beach and over to Grand Belizean Estates on our bikes.  It was a bit chilly starting out, and the wind was at our noses as we headed west on the road towards the lagoon side of the island.  It was a slow slog as we fought the fresh breeze, but once we'd hit the most westerly point of the road and made the u-turn, we were flying!  Such fun that is, to be pushed along by the wind.

We continued riding east, then southward, right past our condo and on into town as we had breakfast at Estel's by the Sea on the brain.  We hadn't been there in a long, long time, and were hoping that with high tourist season in full swing, the slight chill in the air would keep at least a few folks away so we'd be able to snag a table on the beach, and fortunately, we were rewarded with a nice one.  
Long sleeve weather!
Barry got his usual breakfast burrito.  Not for the faint of heart, this thing is huge.  And yes, he ate every bite!
He added some Marie Sharp's on top before he ate it, naturally
I had been hankering for a cinnamon roll ever since seeing (and smelling!) a tourist eating one outside of The Baker earlier in the week, so I went with two eggs over medium and a warm, gooey cinnamon roll.  It hit the spot just perfectly!  And I too joined the clean plate club.  
Seems like a lot of folks were sitting inside today rather than on the beach.  Wimps!
You can see just how large my cinnamon roll was in this photo!
After our delicious breakfast, we headed back home.  Barry chose to be brave and venture into the pool for the traditional post-biking "pool down", but I just sat on the pool deck with Paisley and enjoyed the sunshine.   Our pool was bathwater warm a few days ago, but thanks to the cold front has cooled down a bit now.

While enjoying the pool, we caught a glimpse of a Green-Breasted Mango in a tree close by.  We actually had time to run inside for binoculars (to confirm the id) and camera.
It was a good day for the birds as I also noticed that this woodpecker pair were tending their nest-hole in a palm tree right outside our condo.
Despite the "chill", and a high temperature only in the 70s, it was a beautiful day!
3/4/2013 09:06:33 pm

Breakfast looks great Emily, wish I was at Estel's right now.

BeBelize Emily
3/5/2013 02:16:18 am

We've never had a bad meal there!

3/5/2013 01:23:35 am

Ahhh, wish I was there and not in Chicago!

Nearly 1,000 flights canceled at Chicago airports
Denver Post - 1 minute ago
CHICAGO—Airlines have canceled nearly 1,000 flights at Chicago airports because a winter storm is forecast to bring up to 10 inches of snow to northern Illinois. more »

BeBelize Emily
3/5/2013 02:17:10 am

Ugh... I am sure you're ready for spring. Definitely can't complain about a "cold front" here. It was kind of refreshing to use the quilt on our bed for a few nights. :)


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